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We are a small team of fine wine investment experts based in London established in 2021.

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Welcome to Vinverum.

The world of investing is changing and investments that were once considered alternative are fast becoming mainstream. I have created this company with a mission to make the fine wine market an option for investors at all experience levels. No jargon, no convoluted T&Cs, no complicated investment structures with sky high minimum levels. Just a simple, transparent and easy way to buy and sell fine wines.

Kane Valdes

Director of Vinverum

Vin (Wine) Verum (Truth) - Vinverum

About us

Over the years each of our team members has built their network of contacts so that now they can come together under one roof to deliver a simple and straightforward way for private investors to buy and sell the finest wines in the world.

The passionate approach that we all share means that our clients’ goals become our targets and by then using in depth market analysis to identify our opportunities, we can deliver on all types of investment strategies, timeframes and risk appetites.

So whether you consider yourself a novice or knowledgeable in the fine wine investment market, we can help you with your objectives.

Speak with our London wine investment experts today.

Why choose Vinverum?

Tailored service

Hands on or hands off, active or armchair – Whatever kind of investor you are, we will tailor our service making your wine investment fit around you and your requirements.

Regulated bonded storage

We store exclusively with government regulated bonded warehouses within the UK and Bordeaux, all of which provide full insurance to market value.

Members of

Our membership gives us access to a global network of reputable buyers and sellers, meaning that we can both buy and sell on behalf of our clients with ease.

The Fine Wine Investment Journey

Fine wine investment can be greatly rewarding, but like all investments, it is not a decision to be made swiftly. There are many things to consider such as finances, timeframes and risk appetite.

Our goal is to guide you with our insight and knowledge so that you can safely make the decision that is best for you and your finances.

Why invest in fine wine?

Proven track record

Fine wine investment has a proven track record of providing safe and reliable returns even in the harshest of economic climates.

Secure physical asset

Investors in fine wine own their assets outright in government-regulated bond and have the investment insured against all potential risks to the wine.

Exempt from VAT

Also – If managed correctly, fine wine investment should in most cases be free from capital gains tax too.

Looking to get started?

Starting a wine portfolio can be a confusing process if you are going it alone and don’t know where to start. 

Our team of fine wine investment experts are on hand to help you on your journey.

Looking to sell your investment grade fine wine?

We can help you sell your wine or we could even be interested in buying it from you directly.

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Fine wine market company Liv Ex logo - 'LIV' written in black next to 'EX' in red, above 'the fine wine market'

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