Fine wine investment basics

We believe that wine investing should be simple, enjoyable, and profitable.

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How does fine wine investment work?

Starting a wine portfolio can be a highly rewarding but confusing process if you are going it alone and don’t know where to start. 

We are here to keep it simple and guide you with our insight and knowledge so that you can safely make the decision that is best for you and your finances.

Here are the main considerations:


What is the strength of the brand of this wine? 

What is the history of the brand?

Is this wine recognised all over the world as a luxury brand?

Past Performance

How well have other vintages of this wine performed throughout history?

How well have wines from similar producers performed historically?

What has been the performance of the fine wine investment market in general? In good times and bad.

Market Conditions

What is the current sentiment in the fine wine investment market?

How strong is the current demand?

Where is the demand coming from?


Has this wine been sourced from a reputable supply chain?

Have the relevant condition checks been carried out?

Can authenticity be confirmed?


Where will my wine be stored & will it be insured?

Will it be stored under my name and will I have ownership?

Will I have to pay any VAT or duty fees?

Needless to say this isn’t all that goes into a fine wine investment, however, these are the basic points that always need to be considered.

One of the next things that needs covering is the different wine marking regions.

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We store exclusively with government regulated bonded warehouses within the U.K and Bordeaux, all of which provide full insurance to market value.

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Fine wine market company Liv Ex logo - 'LIV' written in black next to 'EX' in red, above 'the fine wine market'

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