Liv-Ex 1000 Rises 0.4% In July

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 index, the broadest measure of the secondary market, rose 0.4% in July, which shows the ongoing resilience of the secondary market despite external pressures.

Liv-Ex 1000

*made using the Liv-ex Charting Tool


The strength of the Liv-ex 1000 index lies in its diversity across all wine making regions.


Champagne continues to lead the broader market


Champagne continues to lead the broader market

*made using the Liv-ex Charting Tool


Liv-Ex 1000


As it was in June, the Champagne 50 was the best-performing sub-index in July, rising 3.1%. Followers of the wine market will have noted frequent mentions in the press of rising demand for Champagne, especially Cristal and Dom Pérignon.

A Champagne – Salon 2007 – was also the best-performing wine in the index last month. 

The Burgundy 150 likewise continued to rise and is the best-performing sub-index overall this year, having risen 25.4% year-to-date. 


What is the Liv-ex 1000 index?  


The Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 Index is the broadest measure of the market. It represents the price movement of 1000 of the most sought-after fine wines on the world’s most active and liquid marketplace. Stretching back over 20 years, the Liv-ex 1000 is composed of seven sub-indices from across the world: the Bordeaux 500, the Bordeaux Legends 40, the Burgundy 150, the Champagne 50, the Rhone 100, the Italy 100 and the Rest of the World 60.  

All Liv-ex indices are calculated using our Mid Price; the mid-point between the highest live bid and lowest live offer on the market. These are the firm commitments to buy and sell at that price; transactional data rather than list prices. It represents the actual trading activity of 600 of the world’s leading fine wine merchants. Because Liv-ex doesn’t itself trade, this data is truly independent and reliable.  


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Source: Liv-Ex


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