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Fine wine investing

The main risk is quite simply poor wine selection. A wine that is in high supply but low demand will generally not make for a good investment.

You have the same security as you would by owning a property. The wine is your asset, owned by you exclusively and will retain an intrinsic value regardless of the economic climate. 

There is no minimum time frame, so you can sell your holdings whenever you like.

However, we recommend that you hold onto your wine for a minimum of 3 to 5 years as it will become more scarce over time; thus increasing its value.

Your wine will be stored under your own name in your own bonded account. Therefore if anything happens to us, you would still own your wine and be able to sell it through any other reputable merchant or broker.

Your wine will be fully insured by the bonded warehouse. In the unlikely event that any damage is caused, you will be offered a replacement at the same value or the cash price for your wine.

We accept all major card providers including American Express, as well as bank transfer and cheques. We also employ the service of an FCA regulated escrow provider that operates a client holding account on our behalf.

This means that client funds are held separately and securely during the sales process. Funds are only released to us once we have confirmed that the wine is ready and available for transfer or on order from a reputable supplier.

Selling fine wine

Depending on the method of sale, timeframes can vary from a few days to a few weeks. Our cash/buyback offers are much quicker than a brokered sale through our client base or one of the various exchanges but even the latter is seldom seen to take any longer than a few weeks.

Our various fees are explained on our fees page.

Fine wine storage

You can but we do not recommend it if you are only purchasing the wine as an investment. Wines that are being held for investment should always be kept in a specialist facility that offers a temperature controlled environment. 


Furthermore wine stored in your own home will be subject to VAT and duty apon purchase, thus effectively putting your investment at a double digit loss straight away. Therefore bonded storage is always the best option for a fine wine investment.

You can book an appointment to see your wine at any time. Alternatively, you can request condition reports to save the journey and have the images sent to you by email.

Of course, we actively encourage clients to come and meet us at our office but if travel is a problem for you, we are happy to meet at a location that is convenient for you.

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Looking to get started?

Starting a wine portfolio can be a confusing process if you are going it alone and don’t know where to start. 

Our team of fine wine investment experts are on hand to help you on your journey.

Looking to sell your investment grade fine wine?

We can help you sell your wine or we could even be interested in buying it from you directly.

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Fine wine market company Liv Ex logo - 'LIV' written in black next to 'EX' in red, above 'the fine wine market'

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